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There is no project that is too small for us to tackle.  We are most competitive on projects under $1mm.  We have a crew of 35 men in the field, that matches the skills of what we do.  We can supply 2 men for a 1 day emergency, or plan and execute your long term capital expansion project. 

Safety is paramount at MAIC and our record reflects that culture. 

We can perform capital (hard bid) projects, or service/maintenance work (Time & Material).  We are on-call 24/7 for service work. 

Our primary service areas stretch from Harrisburg, PA to Alexandria, VA and from Winchester, VA to the Maryland Eastern Shore.  Probably 98% of our work is contained within that area.  That being said, we will travel across the country for some of our trusted clients (We can take equipment apart in West Virginia, and re-assemble it in Nevada, as an example).

We go out of our way to provide accurate information when it comes to scope and schedule.  We detail our proposals so that the client knows what we are bidding, and there is agreement in what we are providing.  We aren’t the kind of company that writes a proposal on the back of a napkin.  So much of the execution of the work comes down to a good plan.  Being able to utilize trusted vendor resources that provide accurate information, so that we can plan our work, and meet the schedules and deadlines that our owners request, and that we can commit to, differentiates us in this industry.

We can contract the following ways:

  • Lump Sum – Fixed scope of work.  Fixed price. 
  • Time & Material – Unknown scope of work.  Track all labor, material and equipment daily and invoice using agreed upon rates. 

We can perform the following work:

  • Bid – Build – Owner provides a scope of work and plans, we submit a price based on those plans and execute the work.
  • Break – Fix – We can diagnose the problem, offer recommended solutions, and provide a turn key solution.  The scope of our service offering is defined by what the client is comfortable with.  They can provide materials, or we can source them. 
  • On-Call Service – 24/7 response to issues.  If a client’s process isn’t running, they aren’t making money, and we are sensitive to that with our team that can respond to these needs. 
  • Design – Build – We have multiple engineering partners that can provide design components, where needed, for the  types of work that we do. 
  • Maintenance Planning – A lot of times our clients know what they want to accomplish, but don’t have all of the details, and aren’t looking to hire an engineering firm.  Our past experience and customer oriented representatives can help quantity a scope, define the details, identify the issues, and provide a safe, high quality, cost efficient solution. 

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