What's New at MAIC

Spring 2018

Spring and fall tend to be our busiest times of year, as it is traditionally known as "outage season".  Having successfully completed multiple outages this spring season for our clients, we are working harder than ever to continue building lasting relationships and making new introductions with potential clients.  

While we tend not to talk about the clients we work for (non-disclosure is a priority for us, and we respect the processes and systems that our clients use to remain on the cutting edge), we are proud to say that we have recently completed two major maintenance outages at power plants in the Mid-Atlantic area, as well as, being involved in one of the most high profile and sought after processing projects in Baltimore!  

Check out our social media links for photos, videos, and updates on the types of work that we do, and see how MAIC can help you on your next outage, capital project, or emergency shut down!  

Our guys aligning a shaft on a recent outage! 

Our guys aligning a shaft on a recent outage! 

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